I’m Back! with lots of news!

I’m back after a full year of silence!

I have been through a lot this year. finished school, got a job, did my Canadian residency papers, got another extra job, move to a new place.. still waiting for the response of the immigration but with lots of changes in my life… So much I hadn’t have time to work on my blog for so long.

Either way, the purpose of this blog was to show my work.. then I realize with the jobs that I got I was not going to have a lot of opportunities to create new things and the projects I had became boring just to look at them…Many ideas came through my head but nothing seemed to click.. Until a couple of months ago!

It is crazy how ideas just appear and all the sudden when they are good they just make sense! I was looking a few months ago ideas for my Halloween costume… I want to be a doll.. Like a porcelain, wind up doll kinda…So I cross by a couple of Fashion dolls which are not meant for kids but for collectors.. They we so beautiful!

Then I remembered my fashion history class and the Théâtre de la Mode… For those who don’t remember or don’t know what the Théâtre de la Mode is here is a quick review:

Jaques Fath, Théâtre de la ModeLe Théâtre de la Mode was an exhibition crafted by the Top Paris Haute Couture houses after WWII to raise funds for war survivors. This exhibition displayed their creation in 27” tall wired dolls that not only had the garments but accessories and amazing hairstyles. It was beautiful! I got to see a few of these dolls like a year and a half ago in Quebec city when I went to see an exhibition of the Golden age of Couture. They were just amazing, they had so many details; the buttons, the shoes, the welt pockets!

So yes, this came into my mind and I realize that making dresses doll size was a cool idea so I could finally make reality all that was stuck in my head and could not come true because I was just too expensive to make a real size costume for nobody..So the search for the doll started.

I knew I didn’t want a Barbie, why? Because they are just too small. I had tried before to dress them and I just found them too hard to manipulate.

I had heard of other companies who manufacture dolls, Fashion dolls specifically and from all of them I just fell in love of Tonner Dolls (http://www.tonnerdoll.com). These dolls are just so gorgeous! and they are 16” Tall!!! Which is wonderful, bigger than Barbie.

Since I’m in Canada I started to look for retailers here and I crossed by a web store here in Quebec, Rose et Rouge (http://www.roseetrouge.com/). They have a wonderful collection of all kinds of dolls, and Tonner dolls.. I contact them and I was glad to know I could go and actually see them before buying one.

My doll!

Antoinette Glowing Muse doll by Tonner dolls

My delight was just huge! When I saw those doll I couldn’t believe how beautiful and awesome they were with articulations and the face and the size! So I got one: the fantastic Antoinette Glowing Muse Basic Bloom.. She’s a beauty! Not to big, not too small, exchangeable wigs (this is another coming soon project!), articulated body, two wigs ( a short red hair pictured here and a black updo that looks more like a geisha wig) and gorgeous face. ( I’m just in love of the faces really!). She might not be as tall as the dolls for Le Théâtre de la Mode, but it is all i wanted!

I got her a pair of shoes and an extra wig because I wanted a long hair one. In this case a blonde one just to complete all the colors.

My boyfriend had made jokes about the need of a male doll and and because he was on sale ( and I thought it could be cool to actually have a man) I got an Edward Cullen doll.

Twilight Edward Cullen doll by Tonner Dolls

Yes.. the Twilight doll. I gotta be honest.. I love twilight and I love Edward Cullen so it was just really funny to actually get a doll. I like the books and all but I’m not the type of fan buying every merchandise out there from the movie.. But HE WAS ON SALE! So, what the heck! Let’s just get it…

So now I have my pair of little monsters that are going to help me make my costume ideas true!…That’s all for now! I’m going to start working on the blocks for these two… Pants, shirts, bodice, skirt, swimsuits.. It’s going to be a fun experience!!!!!!


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