The Lace Jacket Project

A couple of months ago I got contacted by a friend, Roxanne Beaupré, a great make up artist too. She had spoken with her photographer friend Thierry Quenette who she had worked with and told me he was interested in having a Jacket made for creativity purposes for his photo shoots.

So we met, he saw my work and we started developing his idea of a very sensual but elegant jacket that could be worn in different ways. In this case, he wanted exchangeable parts.

I went trough the whole process of finding the right fabric according to what he had told me, I was given a small sketch to base my design on and so, what I came out with was this very masculine military inspired jacket made out of a very fine embroidered organza and accents on raw silk look fabric that could have a Chinese collar or a very high stand up collar and military cuff from the 18th century. The shoulders where lifted for a more feminine look and the embroidered edge of the fabric was used to give a nice finishing on the hem of the bodice and the cuffs.

Detail of Lace Jacket

It was an amazing experience and the final results were breathtaking! The model was gorgeous, the make up was beautiful and just the whole experience at the photo shoot was mind blowing for me….

Here are a the best pictures:

Photos by: Thierry Quenette

Model: Arielle (Agence specs)

Make up and hair: Roxane beaupré

Design and confection: Me, Erika Parra


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