I just finished all the basic patterns for both of my dolls.. And one thing I learned is that you cannot make patterns from scratch following pattern theory!
It does helps.. But you can just reach to a certain point since every theory book and guideline that I found keep saying things like “add 2 inches to the armhole”.. Well, that i cannot do with a 17″ tall doll.. So it took me a while since I had to make a pattern, cut a sample and fit… But it wasn’t that bad with the female doll… The male doll, well, that was another story….

It took me 5 shirts to finally fit the shirt on the male doll! 5! And the sewing was another challenge but after so many samples, I’m starting to master the art of sewing a proper sleeve the size of two fingers 🙂

But at the end it was just amazing to see how everything is taking shape.. I’m very happy and I started working on some ideas that I want to make on this dolls.. A dear friend of mine, that works beautifully with lots of leather gave me her left overs from her leather material and I’m planning some shoes to make…

Last on but not least.. Here is a little image i made with my dolls…


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