Mad Hatter Costumes Sketches!

Here are the sketches for both of the costumes I’, working on: My boyfriend’s and mine. Patterns are starting to take shape and I’m experimenting a little bit with the Hat proportions…

The male version is basically a FULL COPY of the wonderful design by Coleen Atwood in the movie. Then the girl version I changed the parts for some cute double circled skirt and some boot cover Victorian Style.. But is basically the same costume. Hope you like it! I will keep posting the process!


ImageI already got the fabrics for both costumes, buttons and some details.. I’m still missing a few stuff like the ribbons but I basically have the main stuff to make it.

It’s going to be a long, long process making two costumes:

* 2 Jackets

* 2 Vests

* 2 Hats

* 2 Pair of gloves

* 1 pant

* 1 Skirt ( with petticoat)

* Boot covers



3 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Costumes Sketches!

  1. Natus says:

    OMG!….That’s A LOT! but they’re looking awesome! you should totally sign both of you for a contest! you’ll win for sure!

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