Mad as a Hatter!

So.. I finish my costumes! It has been the craziest 4 weeks almost working every night, no sleep but lots of love and passion making these amazing outfits… I wish I could have taken more pictures but some days I was just working non-stop until 4 am (and I have to go to work next day) and I just couldn’t find time to change the camera and then take pictures but I managed to take some at least.

My amazing boyfriend built me an awesome inspirational board with a crazy frame so I could put my drawing, pictures and samples of my fabrics so I could see them and inspire me all the time!

the frame was built by my amazing boyfriend! always encouraging me!

There is so much detail on these costumes is crazy… I really went Mad! lol..

There is more that 150 squares cut and sewn on both vest. I pinned them first on the vests to place them and then sewn them all before making the vests!

for the jackets I worked the patterns and the sewing as if the were real garments I tried not to skip any step but of course I might have miss some (didn’t have time for the lining :() but i fused, overlocked for finishing, understiched … name it..

The piles of pieces for the jackets, the vests, the skirt and the pant ready to be sewn!

and of course the HAT…. I will post the making of the hat separately, is worth to look every single step… I was an amazing experience, the were tears, night of non sleep, running to stores because I missed a button or a thread, but there was just so much love and passion and happiness every time I was seen a garment finish I don’t care anything else!

After everything was done, of course we needed the Make-up! and I also made that! We got the eyes, my boyfriend made his eyebrows, we fixed the wigs, he dye the orange sock (believe or not we could not kind a knee high orange sock on halloween season.. so he dye them!) and also i would like to mention that he spent a whole night PAINTING THE DOTS on the bowties…he is amazing!

So here is a look of the final work!


I will post more pictures soon!


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