The Mad Hatter Hat

I’m still surprised how many people cannot believe I made the hats.. It seems to them that there is NO WAY somebody can do such an amazing thing (and I did an awesome job!)

But honestly, there is no secret here.. i did not purchased the hat.. I made it completely myself… All you have to do is go in google or any browser and you are going to find A LOT of links of how to make a Mad Hatter hat.. I just chose a great tutorial on youtube from a group called THREADBANGER and you can see the link here.

What I did was to take their tutorial of the hat and I made my own changes in it: I bought a Chinese brocade fabric instead of having to paint and textured the material, I sew the top and the cover instead of gluing it because i wanted a better finished, and I create a few more details…

I will show you how i did it, you can make it yourself If you want and if you need something feel free to ask πŸ™‚

First of all, after watching the Threadbanger video I made a few samples before using the fabric because it is a very expensive fabric and I didn’t want to messed it up until I was sure I knew what I was doing. the pictures I took were the ones while I was making the smaller hat but the big one is the same.. just bigger…

Mad Hatter Hat

Here is one of the samples I did before actually cutting it in the fabric. I was trying to get the right shape and proportions

On the video, they show you that the structure of the hat is a circumference and a cylinder that you can see in the picture below. Once I had the shape I was happy with I traced it on the fabric…the shape of the hat is like an arc that you get by rolling the base of the hat on a piece of paper first from one point of reference all around. I made marks on the muslin I had traced to perfectly match the circle that goes on top because I needed to have these two pieces perfect since I was going to sew them and not glue them.

ImageOnce I had the two pieces sew (well four because it was two for each hat), I place them in their base and pinned the top on the right place so when I pulled and glue the bottom they would stay in the perfect place.

When you are sewing the circle and the arc, make sure you had folded inside the 1c seam allowance so when you close it it has a nice finish.

Imageafter that I glued and pulled the fabric as instructed on the video and to close the opening I used a upholstery needle to make an invisible seam. I pinned it first to make sure the fabric was completely tight with no wrinkles.

ImageI bought and embroidery threat to sew around the top of the hat where both pieces are sewn together (this is a detail I found when I did my research on the original costume). I did the same on the brim of the hat once i had it done.ImageThen I place a small square of a fabric I had that was similar to the one of the original hat from the movie. Studying at the way they sew it, it was placed in bias so it could take the shape of the hat without any wrinkles. I pinned it and sew it in the same way I did the previous stitch with the embroidery thread…

ImageAfter that, I traced the circle for the brim as instructed on the video, again, but of course since I had done the pattern with my muslin I made sure I trace guide likes so I could place the metallic wire perfectly.

ImageAfter cutting the small circle that goes inside I slashed it and glue it to the top of the hat. I love glue guns, this little hot miracle! πŸ™‚


After, I pinned the wire to the brim following my guidelines but as you can see if I leave it as is it, it would have been a very flat brim and the Mad Hatter hat has some kind of curve on the sides up.

ImageSo after that, I shaped it the way I wanted it to look and I re-pinned the fabric so it was SUPER TIGHT!

ImageAfter that, I went on the sewing machine and sew it all around. It was tricky at the beginning because the crown of the hat kept on getting stuck the whole hat on the side of the machine so I had to pretend I had like 4 hands to pull the part that was being sewn, the top of the hat, unpinned as I was sewing and making sure the fabric underneath was flat so I would not get pleats πŸ™‚ (it was hard on the little hat.. the big hat was heavy so it was another challenge ha!)

ImageAnd then FINALLY here you have the HAT! Well you still have to trim the extra fabric underneath the brim to have a much nicer finishing.. Used the embroidery thread to sew around the wire to look like the hat on the movie and also for security to the hat.


For the details! See the image below…


And here you have A Mad Hatter Hat!


ImageIf you have any questions, comments, ideas, let me know.. I hope you enjoyed this follow up of how to make a Mad Hatter Hat… I loved it so much. when It was done!!! Bot hats, the big for my boyfriend and mine are so fantastic when you have them on that is almost impossible that I was done at home… but it was… It had so much love you cannot imagine! πŸ™‚


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