Christmas Gifts Season!

Hey everyone… After a very quiet November of cleaning the workshop and reorganizing everything I’m back to work.. Right now I’m just working on a little project I got for a Christmas gifts for my adorable 7 year old and 5 year old cousins.. and also for the one that is still on my aunt’s belly… Some toys and a baby carrier..

I found this really cool patterns for stuffed bird toys that are almost close enough to the Angry Birds and I know the love them…so, I’m using the patterns as a base but doing some little changes:

I will do the PIG in green with a crown (King Pig) and the little blue one on the picture will be the RED bird, so for this one I have to modify the color, the beak to make it more cone shape and the position of the eyes…

The baby holder is basically the same but in different color combination…

Is looking good already so I will post something else later in the upcoming weeks….. 🙂


One thought on “Christmas Gifts Season!

  1. Nathy says:

    This is a really cool idea! I am sure auntie and the kids will be thrilled when they see them.
    Can’t wait to watch you make some magic with your hands.

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