I have been into so many things for the past few months I didn’t took my time to post my Christmas project…So apologizes for the delay….

I went to visit my beautiful family in Colombia back in February and I just had such an amazing time! My boyfriend went with me for the first time and it was just incredible! We went to visit the coast of my country (it was the first time for me since I was like 6 years old) and it was just amazing! Tayrona park was a paradise on earth and Cartagena was like being in a Garcia Marquez dream while being at the old city….

Tayrona Park, Colombia

Tayrona Park, Colombia

So, back to the presents….I finally sent them and here are the pictures!! I’m super happy with the results.. The adjustment I did on the baby carrier turned out very well and the birds were just fun to make. I did all the eye embroidery by hand and it was just fun to play around with them. The kids were thrilled .. and that was the point.. to give them something they love…

For the baby carrier I used a monkey printed fabric for the inside part and as for the adjustment, I added an adjustable band that goes around the shoulders with 4 different positions (so the can use it the the baby starts growing).

Angry birds with baby carrier..

Detail of baby carrier, inside fabric and the whole look!

Red Angry Bird and the King Pig!

So here it is.. I promise I will try to not let pass time so much between posts… See you all soon! 😉


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