How to Make Organza & Taffeta Flowers

How to make fabric flowers

How to make fabric flowers

This is a simple tutorial if you are looking to put some flowers to your project!. For this tutorial you will need:

Organza or Taffeta Fabric. If you have already ribbons, this works to, just skip the first 3 steps! =)

Burning Tool (like a wood burner tool)

Sewing machine


Glue Gun

Please note that the amount of fabric varies according to the size and amount of flowers you want to make. The images shown bellow are the for the flowers I made for my La Muerte Cosplay Costume. So here we go:

Taffeta & Organza Straps

Taffeta & Organza Straps

  1. In this example I cut straps of 4 x 37 cm. If you are using a fabric of 150 cm width, you can make 4 per row. I used about 5 m of taffeta and 5 m of organza for my project. The Organza flowers were doubled to give it more body and brightness since this fabric is a bit see-thru.

    Burning fabric edges

    Burning Fabric Edges

  2. Once you cut your stripe of fabric you need to burn the edges all around to prevent the frilling of the fabric. If you are going to make just a few flowers you can burn the edges with a CANDLE. Use the blue part of the flame for this. In my case it was better for my eyes and time to do it with the wood carving tool… 500 flowers take a lot of time to burn

    Gathering Fabric

    Gathering Fabric

  3. Once all the edges are burned, baste the stripe twice with the machine at 5 mm of the the edge of the length. This will allow you to gather the fabric evenly and you will have a beautiful flower. Backstitch one side to secure the thread. This will be the inside of your flower. If you forget this step, make a NOD on one of the sides before continuing the next step. Make sure you leave about 10 cm extra thread in the opposite side of the backstitched side.

    Gathering the fabric to create the flower

    Gathering the fabric to create the flower

  4. You will have two lines of thread (See picture above, blue thread). Grab the two top threads and pull them slowly. Here the flower will start gathering. Make sure you gather the fabric strap to the MAX. This will make the flower open. If you do not do it, the flower will look more like a flower button. BE CAREFUL not to break the thread. I broke a few because I was forcing it too much. Take your time…
  5. Once the flower has the shape you want you can either secure it with hot glue or with thread. It’s up to you. I used the glue gun by opening the flower and putting a bit of glue across the side that is gathered and then rolling back again the flower. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of this step =(


THAT’S IT!!! There you have a beautiful Flower! You can mix different fabrics to give a different effect and finishing to the flower. The idea is to be creative and play around!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions, let me know.

Till next time!!!


3 thoughts on “How to Make Organza & Taffeta Flowers

  1. Zay says:

    Thank you for this helpful tip!! And for your La muerte story. I’m busy trying to put her together atm and this tutorial helped a lot, although so much of my fabric keeps burning xD

    • Erika Parra says:

      Hi Zay, I’m glad it helped. If you are using a candle to burn the fabric, try to use the blue part of the flame which is the closest to the wax, that part of the flame tends to burn less the fabric. =)

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