Hello everyone!!! So Halloween just passed and it has been a crazy crazy season for me. I was working a lot and didn’t have much time to work on an elaborated costume how I wish I could have.

But Halloween is my favourite day of the year so I still have to do something… So last minute I had the idea to get a “made” costume and just wear it, but I ended up changing 60% of it and it turned out really well, better than expected! it was just awesome!!

toothless costume

I bought this really cool Dragon Costume to use it as  base and turn him into Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. this character is one of my favourites so the idea of becoming him on Halloween just grew up on me like in 5 seconds!!!

Cozy Dragon Costume

Cozy Dragon Costume

I looked for some image references for toothless and started my transformation:


I ended up redoing his ears, replacing the eyes and the tail, adding a few more spikes in the back and painting some scales on may places:

Toothless revamped!

Toothless revamped!

I also got these AMAZING contact lenses to give it a more scary look, like when he is hypnotized by  the Alpha dragon and they turned out incredibly good! Let me tell you it was a crazy experience to use these contacts : Life turned green! everything was all green!!!! Like if I had a veil over my eyes and that was very particular, but so worth it!!!!

Here is the Final Look, hope you like it!

toothless costume wild!

Toothless Costume Back view

Toothless Costume Back view

Toothless costume

Toothless Make Up

Happy Halloween everybody!!!!!! Hope you guys had a very spook-tacular night!!!!!

Till next time!!!



    • Erika Parra says:

      Thank you Gen! I really loved the result.. it was an easy and quick costume to “make” and it was perfect for Halloween. The cool thing is everybody got who I was because of the eyes the ears and the tail 🙂

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my goodness!! This is the EXACT halloween costume of toothless I’ve been looking for!! So cute and sexy! I love it!! I can’t sew so save my life, so if you make this again, I would seriously pay you to make it for me! I’m not sure what your body frame is and what size you are wearing to make the dress that tight and short (which is what I am looking for), but I am 5’1 tall, 95-100lbs, 32-34B.. usually wear XS/S/US dress 2… do you think the size small in this costume would fit me as snug? (fyi, I’m 27 years old lol). I live in Los Angeles, so I’m not sure how much shipping would cost (I think I read you’re in Montreal, Canada), but I’m dead serious, so please let me know if you could!! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Erika Parra says:

      Thank you so much Gina for your comment… As you saw on the post I purchased a costume that already existed in the market, because it was a last minute thing. I removed the tail and the eyes and make new ones as well as painting scales all over the body… I you are interested message me at erikapdesigner@gmail.com 😉

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