Red Queen Shoes from Alice Through the Looking Glass movie – Part 1

So, I’m going to tell you how I made my boots for this costume! It was a crazy challenge but I am super happy with the results!!!

One of the coolest features of the Red Queen’s armour are her boots.. They are so elaborated and such a big feature on the costume I was really excited to do this part of the costume!


Reference Images for the Red Queen Boots – (Left) Disney Store Doll, (Centre) Movie Poster, (right) JitterBug Boy shoes

Finding shoes my size is always an epic task: Small feet (size 5) , wide feet and a wide calf! I wasn’t really up to damage one on the few shoes that I own to make these boots and neither wanted to make just a boot cover… I wanted the boots!  So I decided to make them.

I was very lucky to find a pair of pumps at a thrift store that had the good height and also a small platform which is very important on these shoes as my base shoes. Why a pump and not a boot? Well, first it’s summer so finding boots is almost impossible. Second, with my feet issue I just wanted something, ANYTHING, that fit me. and they had a good shape and I wouldn’t have to worry about wether they would be to tight or anything.


The first step was to create the foot and leg pattern:

  • I used wrapping plastic and duck tape. Do not wrap your leg too tight, otherwise the pattern will b too small. Depending on what you are planning to do, you should wrap also de sole and the heel.
  • Once the pattern was done, I traced the centre front and centre back as well as the front design according to this style I was making.
  • Next, I transfered the pattern on paper and rectify it.


These boot have four (4) pieces: The front, the left and right side and the heel.

for the sides, I cut the pieces double for each leg so I could line it and fuse one of the pairs. I purchase a faux suede that had a satin side and I used that as my lining. I sew the lining and the fabric from each piece separately before continue with the embroidery part.

Thanks again to the picture I found from JitterBug Boy Original Footwear, the actual amazing workshop who made the boots for the film, I was lucky to get the actual design of the embroidery of the boots which I copied on Illustrator and then traced on the pieces. This detail is not very obvious on the posters of the movie but as I saw the Limited Edition of the Doll sold at the Disney Store, I noticed it so I had to do it!


I started the embroidery by hand but it was taking too long so I switched to machine embroidery. I used gold thread with a straight stitch and lower tension on the machine to prevent the thread to break easily.

Once the pieces where embroidered, I had to put the eyelets, 72 in total (18 on each side of the boots).


Once the time consuming task of putting the eyelets was done, I proceed to assemble the pieces together and create the actual boot! First, I close the centre back. Then I basted the centre front of the two sides facing each other to make sure the pieces where centered. After, I sew the front piece with the sides.




You can check the Second part of this post in the following link! Here I explained how I made the heels and the final result!

See you next time!!!!



4 thoughts on “Red Queen Shoes from Alice Through the Looking Glass movie – Part 1

  1. Jordan says:


    Okay so I’m stealing most of your ideas here, how long did it take you to make the whole thing?!

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