Red Queen Shoes from Alice Through the Looking Glass movie – Part 2

Hello again! So, here is the second, and last part of the making of these awesome boots!!!!!

After all the embroidery and testing and eyelets and all, the next step was to glue the fabric to the shoes. This was really intense because once it’s glue, it’s done! It requires a lot of patience and tranquility while doing this. I used contact cement on the shoe and on the fabric. If you have issues with strong smells, do this on a VERY ventilated area. This glue smells really strong but it’s fantastic!


After, I created a pattern for the front platform of the shoe and I cut it on the same fabric leaving a seam allowance of about 1 cm or 3/8 inch.  I sew the top side with a very thin mesh and then under stitched it to have a perfect fold. Next I glued the bottom seam allowance to the fabric to have the piece ready before glueing it to the shoe. This piece was tiny and a bit hard to manipulate. So Again, patience, lots of it!

I glued it to the shoe and it was beautiful!!! It gave a really clean finished and that made me really happy! 🙂



These boots have a very peculiar shape and without it it would not look the same. It’s kind of a victorian style heel with the fantasy twist. Thanks again to the picture of the Original Boots I was able to get this detail.  I only had kids modelling clay to do this part of the project, but I really recommend, if possible, to use real Modelling clay if you can. It is easier to work, a little bit stronger than what I used but I only discover the advantages after many months later on another project. :s … But, it did the job.  It was really time consuming.. I spent more than an hour carving both heels until I was satisfied with the result. And both left and right shoe looked pretty similar.


Next I covered the heels with Worbla with a little help from my awesome boyfriend! Then I MARKED the pieces Left and Right just in case I got confused.


I covered the heels with the same fabric I used for the boots using contact cement on both Worbla and fabric. There are a few important things to take into account when doing this part of the process in order to get a beautiful shape with NO wrinkles.

  1. The piece of fabric you are going to use HAS to be cut on the BIAS of the fabric. For those who don’t know what this means:  “The bias grain of a piece of woven fabric is at 45 degrees to its warp and weft threads”(source: Wikipedia).  When you cut the fabric in this manner, it allows you to have some elasticity and therefore you can manipulate the fabric better specially when you are trying to drape it.
  2. When glueing the fabric over the piece, start from the MIDDLE of the piece of fabric. This ensures you that the piece of fabric would be big enough to cover the entire piece and you won’t have surprises like missing fabric on one side or something.
  3. The glueing takes time… Patience is important.
  4. Once the the fabric is around your piece, is important to trim the excess, it would make life easier….;)
  5. Once you have cover the piece as desired, leave about 1cm or 1/2 inch around to carefully slash and glue on a side that won’t be seen or would be covered. DO NOT CUT the fabric on the edge of your piece.. With time it could ripped or get unglued and this way it looks cleaner and perfect.



Once the heels were ready  I proceed to glue them onto the shoes. Notice I did NOT remove the original heel. I simply covered it so I could still have stability of the original shoe while walking. For this, I used Hot Glue. Be careful with the temperature because It can melt your Worbla if it’s too hot. When in doubt, make a test first.

To give more strength to the heel I filled the empty spaces with low expansion foam. The one used to isolate doors and windows. It comes in a can and is really easy to use. I let it settle for a whole 24 hours before continuing working on the shoes to make sure the foam had completely expanded and dried. Once it was dried, I removed carefully the excess of material with an cutting knife.


I wasn’t able to find a small piece of rubber for the sole so I had to leave it “naked” 😦 Once I was resigned with this issue, I covered the bottom of the shoe with Worbla to hide any undesired pieces of fabric. Then I continued with the final gold paint details.

worbla-soleI protected the shoes with Frog Tape to avoid accidents when painting. You don’t want to mess up your hard work at this point!


There is a piece on these boots that are not very obvious on the pictures of the movie but thanks to my wonderful Collectors Doll I noticed she also had some kind of “cowboy” spurs with hearts instead of rowels!

I purchased a simple plastic Cowboy spurs that I painted with acrylic paint and also replaced the rowels by Worbla hearts.

I removed the belt and made a new one with faux leather in dark red and got new gold buckles that I attached to the spurs.


And Finally Here are the BOOTS!!!! I will try to post some pictures soon. Right now this are the only pictures I have of the finished Shoes!




Hope you like this post and if you do, share it with others!.. If you have any questions let me know!

Until next time!!!!



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