The Red Queen Armour Cosplay – Alice Through the Looking Glass – Part 2

Hello guys! I’m back! School kept me absolutely with no time for anything but School but it’s summer and I have lots to catch up!

So here it’s the last part or the armour making of (last years 😳) Cosplay….

The pteruges (the decorative leather skirt) was made out of Faux Leather or Leather looking Vinyl, this also includes the pieces on the shoulders. I’m not a fan of real leather so I kind of always work with faux.

I found a burgundy faux leather at one of the fabric stores and cut the pieces according to the design, leaving about 1/2 inch extra for error allowance. I decide to doubled the pieces because the back of the faux leather was grey and I didn’t like it, besides, it gives it some structure to the already thin fabric.

After a few tests: mirror sewing, sandwich sewing and gluing, I decided to go for the glueing. This allowed me to create a more leather looking and the right thickness. Although that meant I had to retouch the edges if I didn’t want them to look to “faux”. For this I used 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Spray Adhesive on both pieces. Once they were glued I moved to machine sewing the details on each piece based on a pattern I had already drawn in paper. This gave some tridimentionality to the piece before painting the details.


Before painting, I drilled holes on the sides for the lace that would attach the front and back pieces. Next, it was painting time! My favorite part of the project.

My awesome boyfriend always does the Base coat for me. Spray paint is hard on my tiny hands…=)

Because we wanted a “leather” look we decided NOT to prime the Worbla. That way the natural texture of the material would help us achieve the look we were looking for. This was a  decision made after doing tests. Yes, every new step on this costume required many tests. Sometimes is annoying not knowing how to achieve some effect or look, but there is nothing better than testing on a small piece before attacking the dragon. We always run lots of tests, this is why is always a long process. It’s part of the adventure =)

Base Paint 1

First layer of Paint: The sides were painted with Black Spray Paint and the center with Red. After, he put a layer of Red paint over the Black to create a burgundy effect.

Paint 2

Base paint is done. The inside of the Heart of Thorns was hand painted with a darker shade of red to give depth. Next was the Gold details.

Paint mess

This is what happens when you don’t wear gloves 😜

Paint Finished

The PAINT IS DONE! For the Leather effect, I used a sponge to dab the Acrylic Paint around the pieces, there is a mixture of reds and black around to create the effect of leather. Then with a brush and lots of patience, the gold tips were painted.


On the Worbla website it says that you can use Hot Glue and epoxy glue to glue other materials to Worbla, but honestly, after doing some more TESTS (Yes more tests!) I realized it was not safe enough.

So Mitch, my boyfriend, came out with the idea of making openings in the leather pieces and place a strap of Worbla on top of each piece that would get glue to the Worbla of the corset with heat and pressing through the openings. And let me tell you, it cannot be more secure than that. Worbla glues pretty WELL to itself.


We did the same process with the Velcro for the sides, which also have contact cement, and for the skirt.

NOTE: If you have painted the piece you wish to glue something on or with, please SAND it first to remove the paint. It will help to glue better.

The inside of the Corset Front

This is pretty much how the corset look from the inside. I was still missing glueing the skirt but it is the same concept.

For the Shoulder pieces, I added shoulder pads covered with very thin stretchy leather looking fabric that I then glued with contact cement to the Worbla covered pieces. Then I glued with contact cement the faux leather pieces of the straps to the shoulder pieces.

On the pteruges I punched small holes to pass through jewelry rings that would work as attachments for the “braided” branches made of Worbla between the pieces.


And that’s how I made the corset!! Next Post: How I made the rest of the costume, Shirt, Cage, Leggings and Wig.

Thanks so much for visiting! Any questions you have let me know !!


Till next time!!




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