Pennywise Pompoms – How to make wool Pompoms

This is a simple tutorial I want to share with you, so whenever you need a pom pom, you can now make it very easily! I made these pom poms for my Pennywise Cosplay. Since July, new pictures have appear online and I know that the colours and texture are not completely accurate, but these worked perfectly with the entire costume.


What you need to make pom poms:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Wool
  3. Scissors

First, you need to decide the size of your pom pom. For Pennywise (my Fiancé is a Size Medium, 6’1″ Tall) I used a total diameter of 7 cm (2 3/4 in). Once you have this, cut two circles of 3.5 cm for the outside Radius and 0.9 cm (3/8 in) for the interior radius. They should look like this:

Cardboard circles

Then, I took two yarns of two different colour of wool to wrap around both circles circles. At the end, two colours give more depth to the pom pom because both colours mix so it doesn’t look like a plain circle from afar. Next, you continue wrapping the yarns around the circle. The more you wrap, the fuller your pom pom will be.

Wrapping wool 1

wool wrapped Pompom

Once you finish, cut the yarns and put on a side. Then cut an extra yarn of any of the wool colours of about 15 cm (6 in), this would be the thing you will use to attach the pom pom together.

Then, with the help of sharp scissors, go through the two pieces of cardboard and start cutting the yarns. After the first cut, place your 15 cm yarn between the two cardboards and keep cutting and advance the yarn as you go. Yo can always use a friendly hand in this step if you think you cannot hold everything together by yourself. I did some of those with the help of my sister first! =)

Cutting wool

cord to attache pompom

Once you have finish cutting the yarns, make a double knot with the separate yarn you have been passing around to secure the pom pom. then remove the cardboard, play with the shape of the pom pom until you are satisfied and you are DONE!!!! Now enjoy your pom poms with any project you have in mind!!!

tie the knot

Final Pompoms

Hope you enjoy this!





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