It, Pennywise the Clown Cosplay – Montreal Comic Con 2017 – PART 2

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your support and great interest into the making of this costume! I had such a great time making it and I am really happy to share the process. School has taken over my time so It’s been hard to catch up with my blog.

In this post, I will tell you how I made the shoes, the wig and the final look.


For the shoe covers, I used the same method of my Red Queen Shoes, which you can find on this link here.

The materials I used for Pennywise’s shoes were:

  1. White vinyl
  2. Red faux stretchy leather
  3. white cotton fabric for lining
  4. black twill tape
  5. thread
  6. 3M spray glue
  7. Contact cement

Pennywise shoes seem to be boxing boots style, but I found a bit hard to decide which color they were since the only two images are not very conclusive. It is really hard to tell, maybe they are black but red kind of suited for me, specially since it matches the color of the costume.  They were so few images to be honest with you.


First I used an old pair of running shoes my boyfriend had as base. With them on, I used saran wrap (plastic wrap) to cover his leg and shoe and then covered it with tape. Then I traced the basic design of the shoe based on the only two images I found online.

Once removed, I traced the the pattern pieces on paper and did the proper adjustments to make them even, smooth lines and match both sides. At the end I combined the heel pattern to the shoe pattern so I would have less pieces and it was not making much difference. The patterns were composed of the following pieces for each foot:

  • Inside and outside base
  • Inside and outside detail
  • Inside and outside detail of heel
  • Front toe part.



Final Shoe Pattern

I used white vinyl for the base of the shoe and a thin faux leather in burgundy for the details and the front toe part. I also used cotton fabric to line the shoe covers for more comfort. Then I sew the pieces together.

Once that was done, I put the eyelets for the shoe lace (11 holes on each side of the each shoe). Then I used spray glue to glue the shoe cover to the shoes carefully.

I cut the excess of fabric at the bottom and cover the edge of the shoe with black twill tape.

Then I made the pompoms with a mix of wool reds and glue them to the shoes. You can check the tutorial right here.

And the shoes were ready!



But the time I was working on this costume, there was no similar wig for this character in color or shape available, so after debating what to do I decided to make it. The other challenge was that there was pretty much NO pictures as reference either. This is 3 months before the movie was released and there was pretty much this online:


After studying the shape of the wig,  I noted that the hair line started about half way of the head and created some kind of widow’s peak like shape or that he is pretty much bald in the front. I did some research and found this tutorial that helped me figure out how could I make this shape with a base wig.

After a long debate about the color of his hair (red, auburn, orange…), I bought this wig in Pumpkin Orange.

Then I turned the wig inside out and with a thread and needle I traced the shape I was going to remove. This is really a trial/error process. It’s about figuring out proportions so there isn’t an exact formula for this.

Then I cut the wig. That was really scary because there was no turn back.


Once that was done, I ask for some help and advice from my mother-in-law which happens to be a hair dresser (God bless her!). She doesn’t really work with wigs, but we decided to play with it and see what came out.

I added a piece of French lace (the one you use to Make wigs) on the area that I had remove the hair so I could put the wig on my boyfriend’s head and while he hold it in place, we start cutting the hair with a razor blade using the few images I had as reference for length.

After that, the wig was separated in 3 parts: One in the front and two on the sides. Each part was teased to get volume and we used this hairspray because it is pretty much glue (but not enough for a synthetic wig). The day after I actually added some spray glue to it, specially on the side tips to really have that pointy look. And here’s the final result!


For the make up, we used a plastic bald cap by Kryolan, which is the same type I used for my Red Queen. I find it very easy to put and the blending is very easy too. The wig was then glued to the bald cap with Pros-Aid glue.

We used Clown white make Up, Black & Red eyeshadow, Liquid Red Lipstick & Neutral Set in Powder at the end. There is a really good Make up tutorial for those who want to try this costume.

And here are some images we took at Montreal Comic Con 2017. Hope you guys enjoyed the post, if you have any questions, let me know!


Photo by Erika Parra


Photo by Harrison Tan


Photo by Harrison Tan


Photo by Harrison Tan

Until next time!



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