The Red Queen Armour Cosplay – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry it’s been taking me so long to post this. School has literally taken over my life and I don’t have much time anymore but here I am!

So, On the post I’m going to tell you how I made the Queen’s armour. This is honestly one o the most challenging parts of this costume and it was really the reason why I chose to make it. The front of the corset was just amazingly intricate with the thorns design and it was something I was looking forward to built. Key word here: WORBLA!

The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) in Disney's  Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass

red-queen-corset-referenceI was lucky to find very good high resolution images about this corset and luckily, Disney Store released an amazing 17″ doll which I got for my collection. By the way she is magnificent, the details are amazing on that doll and thanks to her I was really able to get to a very cray detail that otherwise I would not had been able to.

So this corset can divided in the following parts:

  1. Front Piece
  2. Back Piece
  3. Epaulettes
  4. Pteruges (the decorative leather skirt)

The front and the back pieces are attached by a crossed lace and the epaulettes seemed to be attached by a snap or metal piece. There are thorns on the front piece in a heart shape and around the edges of the corset in the front and the back pieces as well as the epaulettes.

The main material I used to create the armour was WORBLA. There are many tutorials out there but I strongly recommended to Kamui Cosplay tutorials, she is the master of WORBLA armour and I just simply used most of her tutorials to understand how to manipulate this amazing material. In most of the videos I always heard that this material was very expensive, but I don’t agree, this is a wonderful material that has almost NO WASTE and I swear on this project I used every single piece available. Honestly zero waist.

For this corset I used the following materials:

  1. Worbla – about 2 sheets of  75cm x 100cm (29.5″ by 39″), one for the main parts and the other one for the details. It’s about 1 1/2 sheets.
  2. Craft foam sheets
  3. Acrylic paints – Red, black and Gold
  4. Velcro
  5. Pleather or fake leather
  6. 3M Spray Glue

First, I started with the chest piece: I used a basic pattern I already had from my body to build the base of the corset and get the proportions right for me.

In order to shape the Worbla, I wrapped myself on Plastic Wrap and after preparing the pieces using the Sandwich method with the Worbla and the Craft foam, I shaped it on me with the help of my Fiancé. This was the most complicated and hazardous part. It is very, very hot! And it is very hard to stay still while the Worbla cools down! You do need someone to help you out with this and thankfully I have the most amazing man in the world!


Once I was happy with the Front & Back shapes I moved to the detailing of the corset. The back of the corset consists on 3 pieces: The top of the back and two pieces for the sides (like a half peplum). On top of it there is this amazing inverted heart that I created with my boyfriend with craft foam and then covered with Worbla.

The thorns were basically straps of the left overs of the Worbla rolled with the proper thickness. I had a reference picture and I had also marked some initial lines on the corset to know where to place them. The thorns were NOT glue directly on the corset in order to be able to manipulated first.


Once I was happy with the shape of the Heart of Thorns, I added the actual thorns with tiny pieces of Worbla. While I was working on the armour, I also worked on the details of the sleeves that were basically wrapped thorns on her arms by using the same technique of the thorns on the chest piece. And here it is the final result of my work with Worbla:


I also added the relief on the side of the corset as well as the thorns on he edge of it.


And here are all the massive pieces of the corset:


I will post (SOON I PROMISE!) the second part of the making of the armour where I will explain how I painted the corset, created the pteruges (the decorative leather skirt) and attached all the pieces together.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Until Next time!!!



Red Queen Shoes from Alice Through the Looking Glass movie – Part 2

Hello again! So, here is the second, and last part of the making of these awesome boots!!!!!

After all the embroidery and testing and eyelets and all, the next step was to glue the fabric to the shoes. This was really intense because once it’s glue, it’s done! It requires a lot of patience and tranquility while doing this. I used contact cement on the shoe and on the fabric. If you have issues with strong smells, do this on a VERY ventilated area. This glue smells really strong but it’s fantastic!


After, I created a pattern for the front platform of the shoe and I cut it on the same fabric leaving a seam allowance of about 1 cm or 3/8 inch.  I sew the top side with a very thin mesh and then under stitched it to have a perfect fold. Next I glued the bottom seam allowance to the fabric to have the piece ready before glueing it to the shoe. This piece was tiny and a bit hard to manipulate. So Again, patience, lots of it!

I glued it to the shoe and it was beautiful!!! It gave a really clean finished and that made me really happy! 🙂



These boots have a very peculiar shape and without it it would not look the same. It’s kind of a victorian style heel with the fantasy twist. Thanks again to the picture of the Original Boots I was able to get this detail.  I only had kids modelling clay to do this part of the project, but I really recommend, if possible, to use real Modelling clay if you can. It is easier to work, a little bit stronger than what I used but I only discover the advantages after many months later on another project. :s … But, it did the job.  It was really time consuming.. I spent more than an hour carving both heels until I was satisfied with the result. And both left and right shoe looked pretty similar.


Next I covered the heels with Worbla with a little help from my awesome boyfriend! Then I MARKED the pieces Left and Right just in case I got confused.


I covered the heels with the same fabric I used for the boots using contact cement on both Worbla and fabric. There are a few important things to take into account when doing this part of the process in order to get a beautiful shape with NO wrinkles.

  1. The piece of fabric you are going to use HAS to be cut on the BIAS of the fabric. For those who don’t know what this means:  “The bias grain of a piece of woven fabric is at 45 degrees to its warp and weft threads”(source: Wikipedia).  When you cut the fabric in this manner, it allows you to have some elasticity and therefore you can manipulate the fabric better specially when you are trying to drape it.
  2. When glueing the fabric over the piece, start from the MIDDLE of the piece of fabric. This ensures you that the piece of fabric would be big enough to cover the entire piece and you won’t have surprises like missing fabric on one side or something.
  3. The glueing takes time… Patience is important.
  4. Once the the fabric is around your piece, is important to trim the excess, it would make life easier….;)
  5. Once you have cover the piece as desired, leave about 1cm or 1/2 inch around to carefully slash and glue on a side that won’t be seen or would be covered. DO NOT CUT the fabric on the edge of your piece.. With time it could ripped or get unglued and this way it looks cleaner and perfect.



Once the heels were ready  I proceed to glue them onto the shoes. Notice I did NOT remove the original heel. I simply covered it so I could still have stability of the original shoe while walking. For this, I used Hot Glue. Be careful with the temperature because It can melt your Worbla if it’s too hot. When in doubt, make a test first.

To give more strength to the heel I filled the empty spaces with low expansion foam. The one used to isolate doors and windows. It comes in a can and is really easy to use. I let it settle for a whole 24 hours before continuing working on the shoes to make sure the foam had completely expanded and dried. Once it was dried, I removed carefully the excess of material with an cutting knife.


I wasn’t able to find a small piece of rubber for the sole so I had to leave it “naked” 😦 Once I was resigned with this issue, I covered the bottom of the shoe with Worbla to hide any undesired pieces of fabric. Then I continued with the final gold paint details.

worbla-soleI protected the shoes with Frog Tape to avoid accidents when painting. You don’t want to mess up your hard work at this point!


There is a piece on these boots that are not very obvious on the pictures of the movie but thanks to my wonderful Collectors Doll I noticed she also had some kind of “cowboy” spurs with hearts instead of rowels!

I purchased a simple plastic Cowboy spurs that I painted with acrylic paint and also replaced the rowels by Worbla hearts.

I removed the belt and made a new one with faux leather in dark red and got new gold buckles that I attached to the spurs.


And Finally Here are the BOOTS!!!! I will try to post some pictures soon. Right now this are the only pictures I have of the finished Shoes!




Hope you like this post and if you do, share it with others!.. If you have any questions let me know!

Until next time!!!!


Red Queen Shoes from Alice Through the Looking Glass movie – Part 1

So, I’m going to tell you how I made my boots for this costume! It was a crazy challenge but I am super happy with the results!!!

One of the coolest features of the Red Queen’s armour are her boots.. They are so elaborated and such a big feature on the costume I was really excited to do this part of the costume!


Reference Images for the Red Queen Boots – (Left) Disney Store Doll, (Centre) Movie Poster, (right) JitterBug Boy shoes

Finding shoes my size is always an epic task: Small feet (size 5) , wide feet and a wide calf! I wasn’t really up to damage one on the few shoes that I own to make these boots and neither wanted to make just a boot cover… I wanted the boots!  So I decided to make them.

I was very lucky to find a pair of pumps at a thrift store that had the good height and also a small platform which is very important on these shoes as my base shoes. Why a pump and not a boot? Well, first it’s summer so finding boots is almost impossible. Second, with my feet issue I just wanted something, ANYTHING, that fit me. and they had a good shape and I wouldn’t have to worry about wether they would be to tight or anything.


The first step was to create the foot and leg pattern:

  • I used wrapping plastic and duck tape. Do not wrap your leg too tight, otherwise the pattern will b too small. Depending on what you are planning to do, you should wrap also de sole and the heel.
  • Once the pattern was done, I traced the centre front and centre back as well as the front design according to this style I was making.
  • Next, I transfered the pattern on paper and rectify it.


These boot have four (4) pieces: The front, the left and right side and the heel.

for the sides, I cut the pieces double for each leg so I could line it and fuse one of the pairs. I purchase a faux suede that had a satin side and I used that as my lining. I sew the lining and the fabric from each piece separately before continue with the embroidery part.

Thanks again to the picture I found from JitterBug Boy Original Footwear, the actual amazing workshop who made the boots for the film, I was lucky to get the actual design of the embroidery of the boots which I copied on Illustrator and then traced on the pieces. This detail is not very obvious on the posters of the movie but as I saw the Limited Edition of the Doll sold at the Disney Store, I noticed it so I had to do it!


I started the embroidery by hand but it was taking too long so I switched to machine embroidery. I used gold thread with a straight stitch and lower tension on the machine to prevent the thread to break easily.

Once the pieces where embroidered, I had to put the eyelets, 72 in total (18 on each side of the boots).


Once the time consuming task of putting the eyelets was done, I proceed to assemble the pieces together and create the actual boot! First, I close the centre back. Then I basted the centre front of the two sides facing each other to make sure the pieces where centered. After, I sew the front piece with the sides.




You can check the Second part of this post in the following link! Here I explained how I made the heels and the final result!

See you next time!!!!


Iracebeth The Red Queen Cosplay – Montreal Comic Con 2016

This year’s costume challenge for the Montreal Comic Con was Iracebeth the Red Queen Armour form Alice through the Looking Glass. I chose this version of the Red Queen because it was very different from the original design on Alice in Wonderland. It’s so elaborated and so detail, something I like as a challenge! And once again, Colleen Atwood made it. She is honestly one of my biggest inspirations and one of the most amazing designers out there. Her designs are so magical, so detailed, so perfect!!!!


The Red Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass – 2016

I actually got the chance to finally make one of my favorite characters from this Alice in Wonderland film version and also got the chance to go with my amazing boyfriend as a couple (off course he is using his Mad Hatter, with some new items: Hat and bowtie that I will show you on a post soon!) and it was such an amazing experience.

I got to work with new things like the magical WORBLA, create a crazy beautiful wig, try bald caps, make shoes, and sew lots and lots of ribbons among other things…

So here is a quick recap of this amazing adventure: First thing I did was to research anything I could find about this beautiful and empowering costume. By the time I decided to make this costume they were not too many images available online but fortunately those few were in HD! so I got the chance to see all the details up close =)

Isn’t she amazing? Helena Bonham Carter is so perfect in this character!

The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) in Disney's  Alice Through the Looking Glass

Iracebeth The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, 2016

Once I studied the pictures I broke down the costume into the following parts:

  1. Corset Armour
  2. Blouse
  3. Leggings
  4. Bloomers
  5. Train
  6. Boots
  7. Wig
  8. Scepter

My sketches of the breakdown of the costume, this really helped me to understand each part and to think how I was going to make it.

Since this costume have so many pieces I decide to write different posts to split the whole process and share it with you. I will tell you how I made the shoes, the wig and the entire costume!

For now, I would like to share a few shots of the Complete costume during the comic Con in Montreal this year, I hope you like it and hope to hear from all of you!

Red queenYves Bériault

Photo by Yves Beriault at the Montreal Comic Con 2016



Me and my Boyfriend at the Montreal Comic Con 2016, I love this guy with all my heart! Without him, this madness could not have happened!


Photo by Eric Denis Simard from K-Liss photography at the Montreal Comic Con 2016


Photo by Gabrielle Kellock at the Montreal Comic Con 2016





Photo by Gabrielle Kellock at the Montreal comic con 2016

This is all for now guys! Hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you next time!

Check out my post on how I made the Boots of this crazy costume!!!!





Hello everyone!!! So Halloween just passed and it has been a crazy crazy season for me. I was working a lot and didn’t have much time to work on an elaborated costume how I wish I could have.

But Halloween is my favourite day of the year so I still have to do something… So last minute I had the idea to get a “made” costume and just wear it, but I ended up changing 60% of it and it turned out really well, better than expected! it was just awesome!!

toothless costume

I bought this really cool Dragon Costume to use it as  base and turn him into Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. this character is one of my favourites so the idea of becoming him on Halloween just grew up on me like in 5 seconds!!!

Cozy Dragon Costume

Cozy Dragon Costume

I looked for some image references for toothless and started my transformation:


I ended up redoing his ears, replacing the eyes and the tail, adding a few more spikes in the back and painting some scales on may places:

Toothless revamped!

Toothless revamped!

I also got these AMAZING contact lenses to give it a more scary look, like when he is hypnotized by  the Alpha dragon and they turned out incredibly good! Let me tell you it was a crazy experience to use these contacts : Life turned green! everything was all green!!!! Like if I had a veil over my eyes and that was very particular, but so worth it!!!!

Here is the Final Look, hope you like it!

toothless costume wild!

Toothless Costume Back view

Toothless Costume Back view

Toothless costume

Toothless Make Up

Happy Halloween everybody!!!!!! Hope you guys had a very spook-tacular night!!!!!

Till next time!!!

30 days of La Muerte – A short story of an amazing Costume

Since I saw the movie the Book of Life and saw La Muerte’s character  for the first time I just felt in love with her! My first comment to my boyfriend was: “do you think I could make that hat?” and he said: “Off course!”. So that was it! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Here is a recap of How I made this costume, you can get a closer look at the work and LOVE I put into making it.=)

La Muerte vs. La Catrina

La Muerte vs. La Catrina

I started to look for some elements to buy like the candles and flowers to save some time but everything was too expensive or it was not going to make it on time. I had only 1 month before the Montreal Comic Con to make it all!

I always build my costumes with my measurements to make sure it fits perfect. This pattern took me a while since I had to try and see if I was happy with the length of the dress and the shape of it.. I think I spent about 7h cutting paper, taping it, drawing on it, cutting, taping, redrawing again. My awesome mom was visiting it at the time and she was so helpful! (She always made my clothes as a child!)

Once I was happy with the dress, I cut the pieces and sew the front and the back separately. I have found a high resolution picture of her dress so I drew by hand all the different designs she has on her dress, then I passed them on Illustrator and printed them to the real size. I trace them and hand painted very design. It took me about 50h+ to finish both sides.

The Dress

The Dress

The Flowers: This was a very time consuming part of the costume. I made about 500 flowers all by hand. You can check the TUTORIAL if you are interested in making some flowers for your next project. The work was about 80 HOURS between cutting, burning, ruching fabric, closing them and many movies watched! (Thank you Nathy and Jenny for helping me too!)

La Muerte Flowers

CAMEO: For her Cameo necklace I took an oval stone I had and glue it to a cardboard, painted the back gold and put a gold trim around to sew it to the black ribbon and voila! Cameo is ready!

THE SKULLS: the skulls for the costume are made out of craft foam, carved and sanded. Then they were all hand painted. (Thank you my friend Tanya for helping me a whole afternoon to paint them!!!) The ones of the Hat are double and the ones for the dress are single (one side only)

The making of the Skulls

The making of the Skulls

THE WIG: To create the hairstyle of La Muerte, I bought two Wigs. I used this one as a base and used this longer wig to add a bit more volume and lenght. It was about 10 HOURS between detangling, separating wefts of hair & sewing it to the other wig . Once that was done it was time to stylize it to give it pretty curls. For this I bout a spaghetti foam at the dollar store and cut it to make rolls. I added a lot of hairspray too…


THE HAT: The Hat it’s actually not difficult to make. What was the BIGGEST CHALLENGE were the CANDLES! I had decided from the beginning that I wanted the candles to Light Up, but I had no clue how to make that possible. Thanks to my Amazing, GENIUS Boyfriend, the Hat and the dress Lights Up and the candles hover on the dress and the flames look real, just like in the movie!!!!

We spent about two weeks testing and evaluating different materials for the entire Hat. My advise is to go on Hardware Stores and Dollar Stores and decide what better fits your budget, time and how detailed you want the hat to be. He built all the electric part first and  once that was installed on the hat, we covered it with the same fabric of the dress. I built an oversized crown for the hat and then I covered it with lots of flowers. The base for this hat is a Dollar Store Hat….=) there are 25 candles in the hat and 30 in the dress.

It took us 3 days to built the hat and three more days to build the candles and the connections. The ostrich feathers  were SO EXPENSIVE!!!!! but worth it!!!

The other detail the Hat has is the trim all around, which you can see in this LINK. I made a simple stamp so it took me only 10 minutes to paint the whole thing on both sides!

The Making of La Muerte's Hat

The Making of La Muerte’s Hat!

Did I mentioned that Ron Perlman signed my hat at the ComicCon? for those who don’t know, He plays the voice of Xibalba, La Muerte’s Husband!

One of the coolest moments at the ComicCon, meeting Ron Perlman!

One of the coolest moments at the ComicCon, meeting Ron Perlman!

THE MAKE UP: It took me 3 HOURS everyday to make this look! I did a test on previously to make sure I had at least an idea of the final look. I looked online for some ideas regarding brushes and process and I decided to use:

  1. water-based WHITE body paint for the base applied with a sponge
  2. Oil based paints for all the details (Red, Yellow & Black)
  3. Regular eyeshadows in 5 different blue shades
  4. Liquid black eyeliner for the nose and the lines on the lips
  5. Gold pencil eyeliner for the details all over the body
  6. Liquid Red Lipstick
  7. Faux eyelashes
  8. Contact Lenses 

La Muerte Make Up

Advise: use baby oil first or buy Make Up remover for COSTUME MAKE UP when you want to remove it! Regular make up remover will not do! first time I removed the make up I spent 1 hour trying to remove the black that kept spreading all over my face hahahaha!

Montreal ComicCon 2015

Montreal ComicCon 2015


La Muerte, view from the Back. Montreal ComicCon 2015


La Muerte Cosplay, Montreal ComicCon 2015

I hope you enjoy the post! Thank you so much for checking it out!

‘Till Next time!!

Update: Don’t forget to check out my 2016 cosplay of the Red Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass!

How to Make Organza & Taffeta Flowers

How to make fabric flowers

How to make fabric flowers

This is a simple tutorial if you are looking to put some flowers to your project!. For this tutorial you will need:

Organza or Taffeta Fabric. If you have already ribbons, this works to, just skip the first 3 steps! =)

Burning Tool (like a wood burner tool)

Sewing machine


Glue Gun

Please note that the amount of fabric varies according to the size and amount of flowers you want to make. The images shown bellow are the for the flowers I made for my La Muerte Cosplay Costume. So here we go:

Taffeta & Organza Straps

Taffeta & Organza Straps

  1. In this example I cut straps of 4 x 37 cm. If you are using a fabric of 150 cm width, you can make 4 per row. I used about 5 m of taffeta and 5 m of organza for my project. The Organza flowers were doubled to give it more body and brightness since this fabric is a bit see-thru.

    Burning fabric edges

    Burning Fabric Edges

  2. Once you cut your stripe of fabric you need to burn the edges all around to prevent the frilling of the fabric. If you are going to make just a few flowers you can burn the edges with a CANDLE. Use the blue part of the flame for this. In my case it was better for my eyes and time to do it with the wood carving tool… 500 flowers take a lot of time to burn

    Gathering Fabric

    Gathering Fabric

  3. Once all the edges are burned, baste the stripe twice with the machine at 5 mm of the the edge of the length. This will allow you to gather the fabric evenly and you will have a beautiful flower. Backstitch one side to secure the thread. This will be the inside of your flower. If you forget this step, make a NOD on one of the sides before continuing the next step. Make sure you leave about 10 cm extra thread in the opposite side of the backstitched side.

    Gathering the fabric to create the flower

    Gathering the fabric to create the flower

  4. You will have two lines of thread (See picture above, blue thread). Grab the two top threads and pull them slowly. Here the flower will start gathering. Make sure you gather the fabric strap to the MAX. This will make the flower open. If you do not do it, the flower will look more like a flower button. BE CAREFUL not to break the thread. I broke a few because I was forcing it too much. Take your time…
  5. Once the flower has the shape you want you can either secure it with hot glue or with thread. It’s up to you. I used the glue gun by opening the flower and putting a bit of glue across the side that is gathered and then rolling back again the flower. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of this step =(


THAT’S IT!!! There you have a beautiful Flower! You can mix different fabrics to give a different effect and finishing to the flower. The idea is to be creative and play around!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions, let me know.

Till next time!!!